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Mao of Germany
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St. Peter Church

  • Mother Marianne was born in Heppenheim, Hessen-Darmstadt, West Germany.  The place of her baptism on January 24, 1838, one day after her birth, was St. Peter Church.

  • Several years ago, Dr. Willy Lizalek, a resident of Heppenheim did detailed research on the family of Mother Marianne in Germany and gave us information regarding the location of her home, the place of her birth, 29 Frederick Street (formerly 35).  It was torn down in 1929.

  • In May, 2005, a group of pilgrims from Heppenheim attended her beatification. We were given a record with the new information that the time of the arrival of Mother Marianne's family at the Port of New York on the immigrant ship Ariosto  was in August 1839. Barbara was near a year and a half in age.  

New York State

Mao New York State
Mao of GermanyClick map to enlarge

Utica, NY

St. Joseph-St. Patrick Church, Utica, NY.  

  • The Koob family (surname later Americanized to Cope) were parishioners at St. Joseph Parish after their arrival in Utica in 1840.  Barbara spent five years as a student at St. Joseph School.  Although the original church and school are now gone, the present church was built before Mother Marianne went to the Islands.  

  • A later St. Joseph School closed and the building is now used as the Parish Center.  It "was dedicated in memory  of our parishioner and student" on May 31, 1991. Two windows in the Center feature scenes from the life of Mother Marianne, one as a student at the school and one of her nursing a patient.

  • The parish has a Mother Marianne prayer group that meets weekly. 

[The first] St. Elizabeth Hospital, Utica, NY.

  • Mother Marianne was one of the founding group in 1866.  The hospital was located near the church and school until property was purchased on Genesee Street necessary for its expansion needs as well as that of the church.  The hospital is now St. Elizabeth Medical Center.

  • A plot of land a few blocks from the church held the former childhood and young adulthood residence of Mother Marianne.  This now vacant lot that once held the home of Barbara Koob (Cope) until she entered the convent in 1862 is located at 706 Schuyler Street.

Oswego, NY

St. Peter Parish, Oswego, NY. 

  • Mother Marianne was principal of St. Peter School and superior of the convent. The school with a few hundred students had sessions held in the same building as the convent.  Although there are many places with new structures on grounds that once were lived in by Mother Marianne, this small building in Oswego has the unique distinction of being the only place still in existence anywhere in which Mother Marianne actually resided. 

  • The school and convent now serve as a church Hall.  St. Peter's Church Hall was dedicated in honor of Mother Marianne Cope on June 27, 1987.

Syracuse, NY

Assumption Parish, Syracuse, NY.

  • Mother Marianne was invested (1862) and professed (1863) in the original Assumption Church.  The present church was built around the original church on the same property.  Mother was the principal of the Assumption School in her beginning years as a teacher. 

  • The present Assumption Church was built before Mother Marianne went to the Islands in 1883.  A special invitation addressed to her, extant in the Mother Marianne Archives, requests the presence of the Sisters at St. Joseph Hospital where she was head administrator and superior at the time to attend the blessing of the magnificent church bells that took place in 1872.     

St. Joseph's Hospital Health Center, Syracuse, NY. 

  • Mother Marianne was the primary founder of this hospital. St. Joseph's was the first nationally registered hospital in the city of Syracuse (1869).

  • The hospital still is in the same location but has expanded extensively.  

St. Anthony Convent and Motherhouse

  • Mother Marianne left from these same grounds on Court Street for Hawaii in 1883.

  • Her bodily remains have been returned and are now in the Motherhouse Chapel.

  • There also is a Museum replete with many significant relics.

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