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A Listing of a Number of Honors and Celebrations for Blessed Marianne Cope

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Mother Marianne has received so many honors that it dazzles the reader to note all of them.  Ironically, it readily can be seen that she was not physically present for the reception of most of them.  Knowing her dislike for public recognition of her service of God and neighbor, unless the honor and glory of God could benefit,  the King of Hawaii in 1885 surprised her by bestowing a medal on her while she was seated at her place in attendance at the ceremony taking place for the opening of a home for the female children of leprosy patients, a project she initiated.  

According to her sister companions, she showed the greatest pleasure upon hearing the news that the Governor of Hawaii at a special banquet  toasted the "silent workers of Molokai."  

Would this extraordinary silent worker for God like to be canonized.  Of course.  Her time on earth is past and the Saints are models of how to love God and inspire others to do so.  She had great devotion to the Saints especially to Our Blessed Mother and Saint Francis of Assisi.  

Blessed Marianne Cope Medal awarded by King Kalakaua

1880 - 1889

1885 November 9 Mother Marianne receives decorative medal from King Kalakaua for leading services in the cause of humanity at the opening of Kapiolani Home at Kakaako, near Honolulu, Oahu.

1889 May 22  Robert Louis Stevenson, famed poet and writer, presents her, the leader of the Franciscan sisters in Hawaii, with a written poetic tribute  during his visit to the settlement at Molokai.

1900 - 1919

1917 July 26 Captain Henry Berger, who directed the Royal Hawaiian Band since 1872,  presented the premier performance of "The Ode to St. Anne" to Mother Marianne and her patroness,  St. Anne.  He also had written in the past "The Mother Marianne Hymn."  The first piece of original music written by the band leader is extant.Mother Marianne grave in Molokai

1919  The leprosy patients of the Molokai Settlement subscribed to a fund to erect a special monument at the gravesite of Mother Marianne.  Monument is one of the Crucified Savior reaching down from the cross to embrace St. Francis of Assisi.

1919-1920s  The Sisters of St. Francis who worked with Mother Marianne write memoirs for her eventual canonization. 

1920 - 1939 (Back to top)

1927 May 14 Catholic Mission Centennial Celebration, 1827-1927, in Honolulu.  Historical Pageant included a Mother Marianne float, a display placed on a platform drawn along on a moving vehicle with a replica of Mother Marianne’s monument at Kalaupapa, Molokai, Hawaii.

1931 December  Opening of St. Francis Convent in Manoa Valley Honolulu, Hawaii, built as a memorial convent to Mother Marianne.

1933 November  Fiftieth Anniversary of the Franciscan Mission in Hawaii.  Celebration in Honolulu, HI.  Golden Jubilee reception in commemoration of anniversary of arrival of Rev. Mother Marianne and six other Sisters of Saint Francis was held at home of Princess Abigail Kawanakoa.

1933 Historical Pageant,  “They Answered the Call," honoring Mother Marianne and other first Sisters, written by Sr. Albina Sluder, was presented at St.Francis High School Honolulu, Hawaii.

1938  Sisters of St. Francis.  Fiftieth Anniversary of their Foundation Among Leprosy Patients.  Celebration at Kalaupapa, Molokai, Hawaii.  Special ceremony conducted at grave of Mother Marianne on the grounds of Bishop Home.  In sermon, Father Valentine Francks, SS.CC., praised the work of all the sisters at Kalaupapa with special tribute to the memory of Mother Marianne.

1940 - 1960

1948  Mother Marianne named to the Oneida County Hall of  Fame, Utica, New York:  “Mother Marianne of Molokai, missionary to leprosy patients,"  The list of other distinguished honorees up to this point in time only included outstanding men.

1958  November - December  Seventy-five years of dedicated service in Hawaii, Franciscan Sisters:  November: Franciscan Jubilee at Kalaupapa, Molokai, Hawaii.  Solemn Mass of Thanksgiving. After Mass, procession to Mother Marianne’s grave.  Father Charles A. Kekumano delivered short address at gravesite.  Motorcade then drove to scene of  Fr. Damien De Veuster’s labors.  Parade featured a float showing Mother Marianne and her patients. Pontifical Mass was celebrated at the Cathedral in Honolulu.  The historical play, “The Infinite Pity," was presented at St.Francis High School, Honolulu, Hawii.

1959  September 6  Blessing of Mother Marianne Wing, newly added to St. Francis Hospital, Honolulu, Hawaii (now known as St. Francis Medical Center).  Until the year 1990, St. Francis Medical Center was the only Catholic hospital in Hawaii.  In 1990, the Franciscan Sisters opened another hospital on the Island of Oahu and named it St. Francis Medical Center West.

1960 - 1969 (Back to top)

1963 Mother Marianne Day  Seventy-fifth Anniversary celebration of Franciscan Sisters’ arrival at Kalaupapa, Molokai. November.  Solemn High Mass at St. Francis Church.  Msgr. Charles A. Kekumano, Chancellor, celebrant. Following Mass, procession to grave of Mother Marianne.  Father Brendan Furtado, SS.CC. gave address. Parade of motorcycles, riders, and a float depicting the arrival of the Sisters was entered by the patients in the parade held in honor of Mother Marianne. Guests received a souvenir chaplet made from canna seeds which grow near Mother Marianne’s grave. Booklet commemorating coming of Mother Marianne and first Sisters was written by Sister M. Wilma Halmasy.

1963 Mother Marianne Library opened at Kalaupapa, Molokai.

1970 -1979

1971 August 2  Monolith blessed and dedicated to Mother Marianne at Assumption Cemetery, Syracuse, New York.
1974 November 9  Dedication of  “House of Sister Marianne" at St. Lazarus Village, Anyang, South Korea.  The founder of this village had visited Molokai and in his admiration of the work of Mother Marianne, he dedicated two buildings for sister-nurses at St. Lazarus in her honor.

1976 The Honorable Spark M. Matsunaga of Hawaii submitted the name of Mother Marianne of Molokai in the Congressional Record of the United States to be noted especially as the successor of Fr. Damien DeVeuster.  Her cause also was being proposed for canonization.

1979 May 8 Chosen as a Witness of the Spirit. Vatican Exhibit:  “Witnesses of the Spirit,"  included selected Writings of Mother Marianne of Molokai.

1980 - 1989 (Back to top)

1982  Publication of the definitive biography of Mother Marianne, A Song of Pilgrimage and Exile, later known as Pilgrimage and Exile

1982 October 8  Blessing and Dedication of the Northern Region Religious Education Resource Center located in St. Peter Church Hall at Oswego, New York, to Mother Marianne of Molokai.

1983  Official registration of the Cause of Mother Marianne Cope. Presentation of the definitive biograpy to His Holiness Pope John Paul II together with the Historical Report by Commission appointed by Bishop of Honolulu. 

1983  Large well-attended Centenial celebrations of the Franciscan Mission took place in Syracuse, NY, and in three missions in the Hawaiian Islands: Honolulu and Pearl City, Oahu; and Hilo, Hawaii.  Mother Marianne particularly honored.

1986 Women’s History Committee of Hawaii used Notable Women of Hawaii written by Barbara Peterson as a basis from which to choose 20 women out of the 150 portrayed in biographical sketches for packets to be distributed to all the public schools of the State of Hawaii.  Mother Marianne was one of the subjects chosen.

1987 Installation of two commemorative windows, one of Mother Marianne and one of Father Damien in the Star of the Sea Church (otherwise known as the Volcano or Painted Church) in Kalapana, Hawaii, near Hilo.

1987 June 27  St. Peter Church Hall in Oswego, New York,  newly renovated for the parish’s 125th anniversary, was dedicated officially to Mother Marianne Cope who taught in this building when it was a convent and school.

1988  Special celebrations of 150th birthday of Mother Marianne were held by the Franciscan sisters in Syracuse and in the Hawaiian Islands.

1988  Centennial celebrations of the Franciscan Mission at Molokai took place in Honolulu, Oahu and Kalaupapa, Molokai. Video- Mother Marianne—100 Years of Love Throughout Service,  approximately 15 minute documentary written by Sister Wilma Halmasy, was shown at Kalaupapa at anniversary celebration.

1988 Woman of Merit Award—Mohawk Valley Women’s History Project, Utica, New York.   Historical Commemoration.  Accepted on her behalf by Sister Eloise Emm, the Superior General of the Franciscan Sisters of Syracuse, New York.

1990 - 2000 (Back to top)

1990 Frances Carter --a video, A Song of Exile.                                         

1991 May 11 The Parish Center at St. Joseph’s Church in Utica New York was “dedicated in loving memory of our parishioner and student, Mother Marianne Cope, O.S.F." Two memorial windows were included in the chapel of the building, one depicting her as a student in the school and the other as a missionary-nurse to leprosy patients in the Hawaiian Islands. 

1991 September 22  The state of Mississippi’s first secular Franciscan Order, the Mother Marianne Fraternity-of-the-Gulf, was canonically established.  Members visit hospitals and nursing homes, work with the handicapped, teach Confraternity of Christian Doctrine (CCD) classes and are actively involved in other parish activities.  They have a special interest in Aids patients.

1992 February 9  Schweitzer Symposium at the State University of  New York Health Science Center in Syracuse, New York, at which the Schweitzer-Mother Marianne award was given by Dr. James Traver on behalf of the St. Joseph’s Hospital Health Center, Syracuse.

1993  February 2  Dedication of the Shrine of the Most Holy Redeemer, Las Vegas, Nevada.  Mother Marianne is included in mural of 75 indviduals in a massive mural oil painting commissioned by the Bishop Daniel Walsh entitled "500 years of Evangelization in the history of the Americas."

1993  Special commemorative Mass on the 75th anniversary of Mother Marianne’s death was celebrated at St. Francis Church, Kalaupapa, Molokai, by Reverend Joseph A. Ferrario, Bishop of Honolulu.  Homilist:  Reverend Ernesto Piacentini, OFM. Conv., Postulator for the Cause of Mother Marianne. Kalaupapa residents (patients) and other invited guests also attended the celebration which continued after services.

1996 June 9 Catholic Health Association (CHA) runs a documentary at their annual convention held in San Antonio, Texas, on the contribution of Catholic women religious to the health of the nation.  Mother Marianne is one of those featured.  She also is featured in their book A Call to Care by Suzy Farren.

2000 - Present (Back to top)

Key dates relating to the Beatification Process at the Vatican: 

  • 2003 Oct. 24  Theologians unanimously affirm Mother Marianne's heroic virtue (9-0).

  • 2004 January 13 Cardinals/Bishops of Congregation unanimously affirm Mother Marianne's heroic virtue (approx. 20 voters).

  • 2004 January 29  Vatican Medical Board rules unanimously miracle case is inexplicable medical recovery. (5-0)).

  • 2004  April 19  Mother Marianne becomes Venerable Marianne Cope. Pope Paul II affirms Mother's heroic virtue in special ceremony at Vatican. Decree issued.

  • 2004 July 15  Theologians rule unanimously that miracle was due to the intercession of Venerable Marianne Cope.

  • 2004 December 20  Pope John Paul II affirms miracle case allowing Ven. Marianne to be eligible to be declared Blessed.

  • 2005 February 2  Mother Marianne's remains return to Syracuse, New York after being exhumed from for gravesite at Kalaupapa, Molokai. Troopers escort her casket.  More than 600 people had attended a Mass for her at Our Lady of Peace in Honolulu.  Stop made outside at local Motherhouse in Syracuse where Sisters sang in welcome.  Received by Bishop James M. Moynihan at Cathedral at a service in late evening.  Knights of Columbus present.   Remains moved to Motherhouse chapel the following day on February 3rd.  Masses held in welcome during month in Syracuse and Utica.

  • 2005 May 14  Beatification of  Venerable Marianne Cope at St. Peter's Vatican City.  Mother is  proclaimed Blessed Marianne Cope. The feastday of Blessed Marianne Cope was announced at the Mass to be her birthday January 23rd.

  • 2005 May 16  His Holiness Benedict XVI holds Papal Audience for Blessed Marianne Cope.

2005 October 8  Blessed Marianne Cope honored for her contributions to society - inducted into the National Women's Hall of Fame, Seneca Falls, New York.

2005 October 9  Blessed Marianne Cope given sidewalk plaque on Northside Walk of Honor for her contribution to the area such as leader of the Assumption School and later as head of first hospital in Syracuse, New York.

2006 August 9  St. Francis Medical Center renames its renovated chapel the Blessed Marianne Cope Chapel.

2007 May 5  Blessed Marianne Cope is the first American honored at Lourdes Basilica with a banner display.

2007 September 15 Blessed Marianne Cope relic was placed at the base of the altar at St. Lawrence O'Toole Church in Hartford, Connecticut.

2007 October 3  An outdoor Shrine is built and dedicated to Blessed Marianne Cope at St. Joseph-St. Patrick Church in Utica, New York.

2007 November Blessed Marianne Cope painting (part of mural) dedicated at the Sacred Heart Church in Peoria, Illinois.

2008 January 27 Dedication of mosaic of Mother Marianne on the grounds of the Immaculate Conception Parish in Lihue, Kauai, Hawaii.

2008 March 17 Grand opening of Mother Marianne Westside Kitchen in Utica, New York.

2008 November 8 Re-enactment of Sisters' arrival in Hawaii. This included a parade with a replica of a horse-drawn carriage donated for use, and accompanied by 100 members of the Hawaiian Royal Societies.

2009 January 23 A new reliquary was dedicated, and Mother Marianne's remains were transferred to the reliquary during the Feastday Celebration in the chapel at St. Anthony's Motherhouse in Syracuse, New York. Rev. Msgr. Eugene Yennock was celebrant and homilist.

2009 July Mother Marianne and Fr. Damien were both honored by a feastday on the liturgical calendar of the United States. Mother Marianne's feast day was adopted at the General Convention of the Episcopal Church in 2009. St. Damien's feast day was adopted in 2003. Both are celebrated on April 15, the anniversary of Fr. Damien's death.

2010 January The definitive biography, Pilgrimage and Exile was updated by Sr. Mary Laurence Hanley and republished by Mutual Publishing Company in Hawaii with a new cover.

2010 January 23 A six-foot tall bronze statue of Blessed Marianne was placed at Kewalo Waterfront in Honolulu, Hawaii. The statue was created by Sr. Rosaire Kopczenski, OSF, and it was dedicated and blessed by Bishop Larry Silva on Blessed Marianne's Feastday at the ceremony.

2010 May 6 A sculpture of Blessed Marianne was dedicated and blessed at St. Joseph's Hospital in Syracuse, NY. The sculpture will remain in the hospital lobby. It was created by Ron DeRutte in honor of Blessed Marianne being a principal foundress for the 141st anniversary of the hospital.

2010 October 4 A new shrine was built for Blessed Marianne in the Chapel of St. Anthony's Motherhouse and was blessed on this day in a celebration mass by the Most Reverend Bishop Cunningham.

2011 FebruaryBlessed Marianne Cope is featured on The International Women's Day blog under the heading "Great Women in Our History: Mother Marianne Cope (1838 - 1918)."

2011 May 6 - 13th First-class relic of bone fragments of Blessed Marianne was sent to Hawaii, delivered by Sr. Patricia Burkard, General Mnister, and Sisters of St. Francis. Special celebrations were held as the Sisters toured the Islands with the relic. A final celebration was held at the Cathedral of Our Lady of Peace where it was installed on May 13th. A special reliquary was made by Steven Hale to hold the relic, and a special shrine was created at the Cathedral of Our Lady of Peace opposite St. Damien's shrine.

2011 June 16 First stage of canonization: Vatican Medical Board approves second miracle. Theologians to meet in the Fall to determine that Blessed Marianne was the intercessor.

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