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Chronology Page 4 - Final Years

April 15, 1889 
Death of Father Damien DeVeuster.  Mother Marianne prepared the casket for his burial and arranged an appropriate funeral procession.
May 1889
Mother Marianne assumes charge of Father Damien’s Boys’ Home at the request of Board of Health.
May 22, 1889
Arrival of Sister M. Crescentia Eilers and Sister M. Irene Schorp at Settlement.
May 22, 1889
Arrival of Robert Louis Stevenson at Settlement who wrote poetry and prose in favor of the sisters’ inspirational work.
May 15, 1890
Three sisters moved into Our Lady of Mercy Convent at Kalawao to take charge of the boys.  Mother Marianne who resides at Bishop Home is appointed the director by the Board of Health.
1893 – 1895
Under Mother’s charge, during this period of time, an entire new complex was built for boys and men. It was  renamed the Baldwin Home in 1893. Mother Marianne was in charge of making arrangements with the Board of Health.  Mr. Joseph Dutton and three sisters worked there daily. On June 29, 1894, the residents of Boys’ Home moved into the new Boys’ Home (Baldwin Home), which was across the road from Fr. Damien’s church and the old Boys’ Home.
November 1895  
Arrival of Sacred Hearts Brothers from Europe.  Sisters leave Baldwin Home.  Mother Marianne had suggested Brothers be invited  to teach the healthier boys some occupational trades.
1888 – 1918
Mother Marianne in charge at Bishop Home.  Expansion of the Home took place.
August 9, 1918
Death of Mother Marianne at Bishop Home.
August 10, 1918
Burial of Mother Marianne at Kalaupapa on grounds of Bishop Home.
Since February 2005, Blessed Marianne Cope’s remains are located in the chapel at St. Anthony Convent and Motherhouse, Syracuse, NY.   
June 16, 2011

Vatican Medical Board rules unanimously that a second miracle case is an inexplicable medical recovery.

October 8, 2011

Theologians rule unanimously that the second miracle case was due to the intercession of Blessed Marianne Cope.

December 6, 2011

Congregation for Causes of Saints affirms Blessed Marianne for canonization.


Pope Benedict XVI affirms Blessed Marianne for canonization.

October 21, 2012

Canonization of Blessed Marianne Cope by Pope Benedict XVI. Now known as St. Marianne Cope.

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