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Chronology Page 3 - Hawaiian Mission

October 22, 1883 
Seven sisters left Syracuse for the Hawaiian Islands. Mother Marianne in charge.
October 27, 1883
Arrival in San Francisco, California.
November 1, 1883
Group of seven sisters sailed to Honolulu on the Mariposa.
November 8, 1883
Designated “Landing of the Sisters Day."  In Honolulu, they were guests of the Sisters of the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary until November 12.  Then the sisters moved to a cottage rented by the Hawaiian Government until their convent was prepared for use.
January 3, 1884
Moved to St. Francis Convent within enclosure at the Branch Leper Hospital, Kakaako, Honolulu.
January 21, 1884
Ecumenical chapel dedication held at Kakaako.  Chapel had a private small section for the sisters’ spiritual exercises on the side of the sanctuary.  Rev. Damien DeVeuster, chaplain at the Molokai Leper Settlement, was one of the guests at the dedication.  (He was not yet diagnosed with leprosy).
April 2, 1884 
Sisters were given full charge of the Branch Leper Hospital, Kakaako, Honolulu, by the Hawaiian Government.
April 23, 1884
Malulani Hospital, a general hospital at Wailuku, Maui, was established by Mother Marianne at the request of the Hawaiian Government.
November 9, 1885
Dedication of Kapiolani Home for female children of leprosy patients.  No matron could be found so the Home had been built on the grounds of the Branch Hospital at Kakaako, Honolulu, allowing the sisters to take charge.

Mother Marianne was decorated during the ceremony by King Kalakaua with the royal medal of Kapiolani for her leadership in benevolent works in the Hawaiian Islands.
July 1886
Visit of Father Damien,  now a leprosy patient, from the Molokai Leper Settlement to Honolulu.  The Board of Health was displeased that the priest came without apparent permission.  Mother Marianne offered to care for him as a guest at the Branch Leper Hospital.
September 20, 1888
Mother Marianne’s first visit to the Settlement at Molokai.  No sister could be spared to accompany her.  Olinda Gomes, who later became Sister Elizabeth, was her travel companion.
November 14, 1888
Arrival of Mother Marianne and her two sister companions, Sister M. Leopoldina Burns and Sister M. Vincentia McCormick, at the Molokai Leper Settlement.  Mother Marianne held the official position of Matron or Superintendent of the (Charles Reed) Bishop Home.
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