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Chronology Page 2 - Years in New York State

July 19, 1865 
Vicaria of St. Anthony Convent and Motherhouse in Syracuse (which had been dedicated the previous year on June 13, 1864)
January 15, 1866
Temporary-Principal Superior of Immaculate Conception Convent in Rome, NY (St. Mary Parish).  Also on faculty of St. Peter School in that city.
August 3, 1866
Superior at new mission established at St. Teresa’s Convent (St. Peter Parish), Oswego, NY.
August 14, 1868
Superior at St. Clara Convent, St. Joseph Parish, Utica, NY.
November 10, 1869
Re-elected Superior at St. Teresa Convent, St. Peter Parish, Oswego, NY.
June 1870
Superior of St. Joseph Hospital, Syracuse, NY. (First hospital of the city.)
July 9, 1872 
Death of her mother, Barbara Witzenbacher Cope, at age 69, at Utica, NY
December 29, 1874
Re-elected Secretary  and Directress of  Novices.  Acted as Directress of Novices until April 26, 1875, when she returned to St. Joseph Hospital to help resolve difficulties.
August 2, 1875
Re-elected Superior of St. Joseph Hospital. Retained position of Secretary of the Franciscan Community
December 27, 1877
Elected Provincial of the Franciscan Community.
July 14, 1881
Unanimously re-elected Provincial Mother of the Community.
July 1883
Father Leonor Fouesnel, emissary for the Hawaiian government, came to Syracuse as part of his search in parts of the United States and Canada for sisters to set up a system of hospital nursing in the Hawaiian Islands, especially for leprosy  patients.

Syracuse was his last hope before returning home.
August 26, 1883
Chapter held in Syracuse at which time the mission to Hawaii was accepted, the second Chapter held for this purpose.
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