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A Gift of Support is a Gift of Love

"Nothing is impossible. There are ways which lead to everything; and, if we have sufficient will,  we should always have sufficient means." --Blessed Marianne Cope Scrapbook.

We are in a period of thanksgiving for Mother Marianne Cope being proclaimed Blessed. Yet, we are aware that our ultimate goal has not been completed in her regard which, of course, is her canonization.  Now that Mother Marianne's heroic sanctity was established officially by the Vatican in 2004 and her name has been brought to the altar by her Beatification in 2005, two big chores remain: 

  • to make her life and virtue better known
  • to be financially prepared for the time a miracle attributed to her intercession is passed by Vatican commissions indicating that her canonization probably will take place.  

The facts are that the Cause does not receive any funds from the Catholic Church itself nor has it depended upon collections in any diocese. In the past, most of its work was done by dedicated volunteer staffing under the direction of a Franciscan religious community member.  But we have reached the time that different services are needed.  

Financial donations will be the sources of funding to allow us to keep the Cause afloat by the Blessed Marianne Office in memorable ways. It goes without further explanation that having a Shrine and Museum kept open and in proper shape has expenses.  Literature, too, takes its toll.  In addition, in preparation for the future, a separate canonization account for donations importantly will give us a fund to draw from when we eventually do have a miracle case accepted at the Vatican. 

There are many fine ways to support the inspirational ministry of the Canonization of Blessed Marianne Cope.

Please consider helping us with one or more of the following:             

General Fund at Generalate (Franciscan Sisters main offices) 

There has been a fund started in which donations to the Cause can be saved for Blessed Marianne's future canonization costs.  All funds received by the Blessed Marianne Office go to the Development Office for the canonization fund or for needed services of the Cause office.

Blessed Marianne Guild

The Blessed Marianne Cope Guild has been operative with a very limited number of members.  Time did not allow for more contacting to be done by the office. This helpful group deserves being extended to reach more of Mother Marianne's devotees. We do try to keep up to date in our work  -- a helping hand will encourage and support us.  The support given helps us meet our Office and Museum's needs in such things as supplies, public relations, and the like. It is hoped that eventually it will pay the Cause's maintenance expenses.  

The cost of annual membership to assure that it is possible for all to join without financial hardship is $10.  It has been good to see that most members have given more, realizing our expenses without our making a list of types of membership. 


Any donation will be most helpful to support the work of the Blessed Marianne Office.  Please consider helping us.  

Printable PDF application form - (requires Adobe Reader - free download)

Items for Sale

Another way to give support is to make purchases that not only help with office support but spread the word of the stimulating life of Mother Marianne. We try to keep purchases within the price range of those buyers who may not have funds to pay more for an item. Some items currently are being looked into for our Pricelist and will be available as soon as we get a reasonable deal.  Because places making religious articles usually like us to order at least a thousand or more  of anything at a time, we are most careful in this regard to invest wisely in a product that is both proper and appealing.  It rarely happens that a Servant of God is proclaimed Venerable one year and is proclaimed Blessed the following year. Other causes had much time to prepare items of interest during the intervening years between honors.

The following items are available: (or click here to view all items at the Giftshop)

Blessed Marianne Cope icon: (8"x10")  $25.00  (view item)

Pilgrimage and Exile (definitive biography): $20.00 (view item)

Valiant Woman (photo story book): $20.00 (view item)

Heroic Woman (children's book): $10.00 (view item)

Video: Song of Exile: $20.00 

DVD: Song of Exile: $20.00

Blessed Marianne Cope keychain: $5.00 (view item)

Color Prayer Cards: 10 cents each

Prayer cards: FREE (if requesting more than five cards, they are 5 cents apiece)  (view item)

Printable PDF order form - (requires Adobe Reader - free download)

Dr. Louise Lutz sells photos, flags, t-shirts and a 300 plus page book On the Path to Sainthood replete with news clippings re the Beatification of Mother Marianne.

For these prices, you can call her at 315-696-8418.